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About Josour

ESCWA launched the Josour initiative, in partnership with the Union of Arab Banks, the Union of Arab Chambers, Pharco Company, Elie Saab International, and the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, on 31 May 2022 at the first Arab Forum for Equality, held in Amman.

The initiative aims to increase commitment to creating opportunities for young men and women, and support them to enhance their employability prospects through the following:
  • Upgrading skills.
  • Offering opportunities to acquire new skills to meet the changing. Requirements of the future of work.
  • Facilitating suitability for the job market.

The initiative serves as a bridge between key stakeholders in the private sector and talented young men and women looking for opportunities in the Arab region. The opportunities that Josour provides include job openings, internship programmes, technical and vocational education and training opportunities, dialogue forums, and jobs and education fairs.

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The Josour initiative provides access to a wide range of internships, job openings, and upskilling and reskilling programmes designed to help young people achieve their career goals and make a meaningful impact in their community.

Josour advocates

Josour advocates are influencers, inspirers and prominent people, such as politicians, artists, actors and public figures. They aim to ensure that the largest possible number of young men and women benefit from the opportunities offered by the initiative. They also work to reach the greatest number of partners to provide various opportunities for young people. Josour advocates believe in empowering young Arab men and women by creating opportunities and building a better future for them and their societies.

Launch of Josour initiative at AFE-2022

Step into the world of Josour’s remarkable journey, as we bridge the gap between the private sector and ambitious young minds. Explore the highlights of our impactful launch at AFE 2022 and immerse yourself in the transformative moments of the AFE 2023 session.

Josour national chapters

Discover new opportunities in each Josour national chapter, connecting young professionals with top-tier private sector stakeholders.

Josour partners

Our esteemed partners form the backbone of the Josour initiative, and enable us to create meaningful connections between young professionals and private sector leaders in the Arab region, driving positive change and fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation and growth in the Arab world.

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Discover the inspiring success stories of young professionals who have benefited from the Josour initiative, and learn how you too can unlock your potential.

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